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Jan 3, 2020
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A pest business has a physical location and recently moved their office. We are going to be updating the address, but I'm concerned about their business hours.

They have a suite number and are listed on the building directory in the lobby. The office administrator works in the office during regular business hours, HOWEVER, since covid, they will occasionally work from home instead of the office. It's not consistent though.

Because it's a pest company, they work 6 days a week and don't want to show closed on a particular date that they are simply not in the office.

How is this situation best handled in Google My Business?

Also, is there a way to show a specific date "By Appointment Only"? They currently show Saturday as closed, but do take appointments on Saturdays, but the office isn't open.
Somewhat controversial, but you could change the hours to 24 hours. I am typically ok with this if the business does indeed offer services 24 hours/day. I have never seen a GMB get suspended for changing to 24 hours. What you should bring up with the client though, is that if you need to utilize GMB support in the future, they might ask you to change the hours back, or confirm that someone is physically in the office 24/7.

The other option, and this is actually what Google suggests for "by-appointment" businesses, is to remove the hours altogether.
They aren't truly a 24/7 business, so not sure about changing it to that.

They do have a physical address. I didn't think about removing the hours and setting the attributes to show "By-Appointment" only. I forget you can do that.

Thanks! I'll see how the business wants to do it.

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