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Sep 27, 2012
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Was randomly grocery shopping when I overheard the shopkeeper talking about "we have to get customers from online" on his phone. Apparently he owned a beauty salon and it wasn't doing very well.

I'm not really looking for freelance stuff, my freetime is practically non-existent... but I introduced myself and offered to help set him up on a few directories
as a favour because it's my local shop and... if I charge for it, it becomes on their terms.

I looked online - they had a bunch of listings on Qype and Google Places with incredibly bad reviews. Turns out they'd taken over the location about 8 months ago and the previous owners had used Groupon to sell beauty treatment packages which became worthless when they went out of business.

For whatever reason, they kept the business name. Same phone number. Same location. Different management. Google will just laugh if I try setting up a new listing won't they?
The goal of setting up a new listing, to try to ditch the old reviews?

Good chance the reviews will just reattach to the new listing.

Plus they won't really let you suspend or delete the old one. If name or address was different you could mark the old one closed and start a new one but if NAP is the same you can't or they'd likely merge which would mark the new listing as "Permanently Closed" too.

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