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Jun 30, 2021
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Trying anything to increase rankings ... does Web 2.0 still work?

As in, creating Web 2.0 such as weebly, blogspot, wordpress and creating legitimate unique content (5+ blog posts), that are optimized and link back to your money site. From there you would send a bunch of tier 2 links to the Web 2.0 sites (Scrapebox etc).

I see so much back and forth about this working still or not.

Will a strategy like this link below produce results?

How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks in 2021

If so, is it better to use your brand name for URL on all the 2.0 properties, including map embed and NAP - or better to use a variety of semantic keywords for 2.0 URL ?

Web 2.0 is a myth/scam, same with all the tactics you are mentioning. They are created by masterminds/coaches/snake oil salesman.

Short answer, work on the basics.
Still people swear by it, not just people who are selling it.

I don't want to do these tactics personally, but stuck around like #8-10 rankings when crushing competitors in content and all of the basics.

What is there left to do besides backlinks? High quality guest posts would be great but most local businesses cannot afford this.
I know it’s frustrating, right? But if you’ve done your research and can’t find a slam dunk argument for or against, then perhaps you have your answer.

It’s not that tactics like this ‘work’ or ‘don’t work’, it’s that in an industry with any real competition, there are no quick fixes.

My suggestion: follow the list of speakers from the last few years of Mozcon, Brighton SEO and Local U Advanced, plus Googlers like John Mueller, independent consultants like Brodie Clark, as well as the blogs of the bigger tools like Ahrefs and Moz. You’ll never run out of things to do, only time.

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