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Dec 2, 2015
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Please redirect me if this has already been discussed! I love using the Mozbar extension for exporting organic SERPs to CSV and I'm wondering if there is a similarly useful tool to export Local Finder SERPs? Ideally I'd like it to capture columns for:
  • Rank position
  • Business name
  • Primary category
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Linked webpage
  • Review score
  • Review count will do the trick.

If you are doing local searches from a different city then you might want to use something like to get the target city's uule string and append that to the search URL to ensure more accurate results. (It's the long string in the URL that starts with &uule and ends just before the next &. is able to check the Google Maps rankings and export some of the data that you are looking for in csv format. It would have the business name and the rank position (at a specific coordinate).

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