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Jul 5, 2020
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Wondering if anyone has had luck appealing a Facebook -- whateveryacallit ("suspension", but she's not really suspended...)

In a nutshell, she can no longer advertise on FB, she says because she apparently violated some of the ad copy rules (she went to "negative", according to her, and we all know FB likes things to stay happy with the ads...)

Has anyone ever had any luck appealing this type of suspension? She says she thinks she's talking to a robot.

I know how she feels.

Thanks in advance for any help or real-world guidance anyone can provide!
Just open a ticket, it is usually an error.
I think she already has, but I will confirm.

She says they respond like robots. Not sure what "service level" that is. ;-)
Oh that sounds like she was talking to the chatbot. Is this account in a Facebook Business Manager? If so there is a support inbox there.
Yes, she's in touch with supposedly-human support. She simply meant their responses were like robots.

We've all "been there". ;-)

Thanks again, Ben!

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