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Jul 19, 2012
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Just in the process of combing through the new Google My Business Help Center and thought this was insightful:

  • Suite or office numbers may be added after your street name and number. For example: “145 Main St., Suite 120, London, E1 1AA”
No reference to Address Line 2.
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I was hoping that we could get some clarification on the suite # and where to add it. There is conflicting information between the two sources.
Google Places Guidelines specifically state line 2

As Colin pointed out the My Business Guidelines do not specify:

I ask this question because there are many instances where the suite #
1. does not display on the Google+ page
2. is removed when the listing is pin code verified

I know that I can add to Map Maker - which unfortunately displays at the beginning of the address but I feel that there might be a larger issue behind the suite dissapearing from the listing.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue?

Thank you in advance
Hi Brandon,

Welcome and thanks for joining and posting.

I'll try to remember to ask Google later today if Colan has not yet. Might just be an oversight with the update. Or could be a change they have not mentioned.

My inbox is totally buried. Need to play catch up.

Colan have you asked about this or found out any more, before I bother Google again, because I think they are swamped like me due to the launch.
Great catch, Colan! I've always suspected Google isn't too high-strung about whether the suite # is on line 1 or line 2. This seems to corroborate that a little.
Haven't had a chance to ask Google for clarification. But I will as soon as I can.

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Colan asked Google management and I chimed in and linked to this post and alerted to Brandon's Qs/concerns.
Great catch Colan! You earned your TC stripes now! :)

Thanks for letting everyone know.
Glad to have that cleared up. Nice work Colan!
Thank you everyone for the clarification. That was Fast!

Does anyone else have any experience with the suite # not displaying? or being removed when the listing is verified?
Happens often. If what's in dash and live is different best option is to call support.

Especially for Suite# because if you try to add in MM it will usually do it backwards.
You are very welcome and welcome once again.

Call this your home away from home! :p

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