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Mar 15, 2016
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Bonus Thursday Post!

Google Changes Its Syntax for Review URLs on Mobile


Since launching last November, our Google Review Link Generator gets a ton of traffic from marketers, agencies, SEOs and business owners looking to streamline the process of acquiring reviews on Google. The Link Generator attempts to keep up with Google?s frequent changes and deliver highly efficient and stable links to get customers where you need them?for example, right into the Google review dialog:


Discussion: What type of changes could Google make that would really mess up your mojo?


WHOA! I think it's important to note this part of the Gradeus Post:

"With this change, the standard URLs generated by our link generator and other similar tools out there are functional on mobile, but due to the way Google parses the URL on mobile devices, they pre-populate the review dialog with a 2-star rating."

Plus see the screenshots in the post.

But never fear - Grade.Us caught it and programmed a way around the change!
Thank you Linda, and great point! Jon worked hard to make sure our link generator fixed the 2-star pre population issue. Google, always with new surprises.
Great catch you guys and quick fix!

Have not heard anyone else talk about this yet. Wonder if anyone else realizes?
I did not realize it. Thanks for the info and the fix Garrett.
So Garrett, will this be automatically fixed in the Google review URLs in the profiles in the accounts of your customers (like me)? :D
Hi Tim,

Yep, no changes necessary on your end.

The standard Google review URLs we generate for you are still the best option for desktop use. Our clever engineering team has simply built-in some technical jiu-jitsu to detect the reviewers' device and rewrite the Google URLs for mobile visitors on the fly!

+1 for software, sheesh.

Woah, really important update, thanks for posting Garrett!

Man, Google sure doesn't care about some aspects of usability... ah well, more secret wisdom for those who pay close enough attention.
"Man, Google sure doesn't care about some aspects of usability... ah well, more secret wisdom for those who pay close enough attention." -James Watt

Yes, well, this is the sort of thing that drives clients crazy while creating revenue opportunities for the SEOs who serve them. Just like tax law changes that enrage taxpayers and enrich lawyers and accountants. (And I am legally authorized to say that, since I'm still licensed as a CPA in California :D)

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