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Thanks Joy I was just coming to post that too.

BEST NEWS I'VE HEARD ALL YEAR! Those guys are a plague to the whole industry.

As I just said on Google+...

Those scammers hurt not only businesses and legit Google partners, but Google’s reputation as well. Thanks for the great news +Mike Blumenthal!

Some of you may remember, I recorded a scam call and posted it at the forum. When I confronted him about really being with Google (pretending I was just an SMB) he PROMISED me he was. Said he was sitting right at his Google desk.

THEN went on to threaten that my listing would be deleted if I didn’t pay to “boost” it. The call was hilarious and oh so sad at the same time. Most SMBs would have been scared into paying up.

Here's the recording <a href="">Google "Places" Scammer - Caught in Lies on Tape!</a>
The call was hilarious and oh so sad at the same time. Most SMBs would have been scared into paying up.

These calls are not just a nuisance, if they lie and bilk people out of money, it's outright fraud and they should all be thrown under the jail IMO.

I not only publicly outed him and the company, but I alerted Google to the post and the recording. What did I hear back? Nothing. But since they get these complaints ALL THE TIME at the Google Business forum, maybe they finally just had enough.

Whatever happened, I'm so glad it's finally come to this and hope they follow through and file suit against a bunch more.
Hate those guys. Unfortunately, I don't think this will stop it. :\
Probably not BUT if Google sues some of the big ones and word spreads I think some of the smaller ones might think twice - maybe even clean up their act.

Right now they all know it's open season on Google, so most are not even trying to curb their scammy ways.

But you're right, it won't stop most. It's WAY too profitable to charge 299 for doing nothing except making a slick or threatening phone call. (Then usually not doing much real work after payment.)
We've recently been having a scrupulous company some of y'all might be familiar with (2 9 P R I M E) which has been trying to take over verified listings with some social-engineering tactics and then essentially trying to hold them for ransom.

I would love to see them lose their shirt in a lawsuit vs Google. :|
Ya that one is one of the worst out there. So many complaints!
This is great news. I'm sure that this is targeted mostly at bigger entities but hopefully this dissuades the smaller firms from doing this sort of thing as well. One less thing to explain to clients? Or has it just fallen farther down the totem pole of "common client issues."

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