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Cool. Underscore also works the same way

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Indeed! Thanks Cody

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Here is more info related to this, with much more detail.

<a href="">Google Suggest Has Wildcards?! KW Planner Hides Data?! Crazy. - Rand's Blog</a>

Thanks to Mary Bowling who pointed this out at LocalUp and even Rand didn't know.
Cool Rands article had a comment that taught me "best _ to _" will also work. Lots of flexibility.

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Wow, great post. One of the top of the year for me. Loved it.

I tried it a few times and I liked what I saw. I always thought the Keyword Planner Tool was mostly terrible. I don't even really trust the numbers that come back.

Great find Colan.

I'd like to know how people are using this for Local SEO. As I start to use it, I'll report back how I use it and what I've found works.

For today, all I have is that the Keyword Planner Tool (KPT) as always told me "roofing" in our location is the most popular term. I thought that was strange, possibly using partial match to fuel a lot of that volume, but never knew exactly. I typed in "roofing * location" and some other experiments and found most people were Google'ing "roofing companies" which makes so much more sense.

Also, does anyone use Keyword Tool or Ubersuggest as an integral part of their keyword research for Local SEO?
I use Ubersuggest all the time and love it. It shows data like the auto suggest. Both work will well in the initial keyword discovery phase to identify intent

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