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Jun 23, 2014
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I have a client who recently bought 23 stores from another business entity. All their GMB listings are verified, but "owned" by someone they can't identify (DOH!) who is being uncooperative. I have requested the transfers of these listings through the standard process, but the owner denies it immediately.

What would you gurus recommend my next step be, in gaining control of these listings that are rightfully ours?

Challenge: We will be rebranding the name of most of the stores, so we don't have a domain-based email we can use.

Not sure if it's changed, but in my experience Google gives an option to override the denial by using a standard verification method.

When this last happened in November, I received the following message, and was able to click Appeal Now to access the verification methods


Did the purchase include all IP assets in addition to the physical properties? If so, then you have the ground to get lawyers involved for breach of contract.

If the sale didn't include any IP... then it might be a tough fight. Google won't help you much because you don't have access to the domain/email address, and if the old owner is outright denying (not just ignoring) then it gets sticky.

Maybe someone else has run into this before and can advise. My suggestion is to review the purchase agreement & all legal documents involved, make sure you have rights to all property related to those stores.

Long way around this is to mark them as closed and then reverify once you have access to the storefront and rebrand. Hopefully the old owner isn't actively rejecting changes to those listings, which would hold up the process.

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