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Aug 4, 2012
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Hey everyone,

I am having a really strange problem that I've never encountered before...

For a client of mine, when you Google their business name on a mobile device, their local listing pops right up at the top with the map, business name, address, etc. Everything is correct, except the store hours. For some reason, it shows 8am to 1pm.

I know I set it up correctly in Google+ Local. So I logged into the dashboard and went to edit the listing. I checked the hours, and they are correct there. (M to F: 8am to 5:30pm, Sat: 9am to 1pm)

So then I went into Map Maker, and viewed the listing. There have been no changes to the listing in regards to store hours. I checked the store hours in Map Maker, it displays the correct store hours.

So the store hours are correct in the dashboard for the G+ Local page, and they are correct in Map Maker. But for some reason, it's displaying 8am to 1pm for every single day.

Has anyone ever ran into this problem, and have any idea how to fix it? I used the "Report a problem" feature and selected "Other" and basically explained what I've posted here. But if there is a quicker or easier fix to this, please chime in.

Hi Andrew, RAP is sometimes hit or miss.

Using troubleshooter you'll be able to talk to a direct support rep via email, but it can take 2 weeks to get through the Q.

If client is in US you can use phone support, then it's an instant fix and they'll fix it right while you are on the phone. Let me know if you don't know about troubleshooter or phone support and how to get there and I'll give more info.
Hey Linda,

Thank you for the reply. I did fill out the troubleshooter before posting this thread, but as you said, I know there is a very long wait time before I hear back from anyone.

Thanks for the suggestion about using phone support. My client is in the US, so I went ahead and got connected to a Google+ Local expert. He pulled up my listing and confirmed that my hours were 8am to 5:30pm (M to F) and 9am to 1pm (Sat). He couldn't seem to figure out why my listing was displaying "8am to 1pm". He tried to manually "push" the store hours to the listing to override this strange 8am to 1pm store hours, but that didn't work. He said he would look into this further and follow up with me via email by the end of the day.

I'll keep this thread updated with any progress, just in case anyone else has this problem and finds this thread by searching.

Thanks again Linda!
Oh good, glad you tried phone support. I was thinking it sounded like a bug and maybe that's what it is, if support could not get it corrected.

Keep us posted.
Alright everyone. I did receive a reply from Google. This was the email:

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for contacting Google+ Local. It was a pleasure speaking with you today.

After investigating your problem, we've found that it is being caused by a technical issue and we are pursuing a resolution. At this time, we cannot say when the issue will be resolved and when you will see your reported problem fixed.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have further questions or concerns please let me know.



The Google+ Local Team

What do you all think about this response? This sounds like the type of response that you got with the "we currently do not support this location" issue. Basically, they don't know what's causing it and have no "timeframe" when it will be fixed.

It's a little aggravating, because this is really affecting my client's business. Obviously if Google is telling people the hours are from 8am to 1pm, they most likely aren't going to show up past 1pm.

What do you think of their response?
What do you all think about this response? This sounds like the type of response that you got with the "we currently do not support this location" issue. Basically, they don't know what's causing it and have no "timeframe" when it will be fixed.

What do you think of their response?

Yes that's exactly what it sounded like to me too.

I've been seeing sporadic problems with hours lately.

Also notice Google changed my hours to "Open 24 hours". I don't really use my page much except for testing so have not bothered to fix it.

Hope they get this one fixed for you soon. Keep us posted.
Good news!

I replied back to Google last night asking what I could do in the meantime. Should I remove the listing and start new again (I really had no intention of doing that, would lose many reviews)? They replied back saying they would look into it some more and get back to me. Within a couple of hours, I had a reply saying they were able to fix the issue.

So everything is back to normal and working again.

Thanks again everyone!

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