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Oct 11, 2018
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Hi there,

As the title explains, I'm looking for help picking the backend category 'Sunroom Contractor' for one of my clients. I've seen several other Canadian companies (Four Seasons Sunrooms GTA and Lifestyle Home Products) with this category. However, I can't figure out what backend category is showing this way in maps.

I've been using PlePer to try and figure out if a different GCID is showing as 'Sunroom Contractor', but their database doesn't include Sunroom Contractor (although I've been seeing it for a while now).

I've also posted about this over at the GMB Community Forum, but I figured I'd post here too to see if anyone knew!

Thanks in advance!
Hi @WAHamilton -

Google is forever tweaking business categories, so it's entirely possible to see a category on an existing listing you cannot find in the current category group.
That said, sunroom contractor is not a category in the Canadian database, but is in the US. It's possible Google dropped it from Canadian listings.

Unfortunately, we don't have a choice but to use what we're given at the time. In your case, I'd ensure the on-page signals make it clear it's sunroom contracting.

The category may come back, they sometimes accidentally glitch these things. If the category does come back, you can always use it later.

This sounds silly, but is there another word Canadians might use for sunroom that Google might be using?
@Margaret Ornsby Thanks for the reply! I had the same thought that they might be categorizing it as something else in the backend. I went back to this today and it looks like there is a category for 'Conservatory Contractor' that might be a good candidate. I'm going to test it out and see what it shows up as in Google Maps.

This category doesn't seem to exist in the United States, but there is a category for 'Conservatory Construction Contractor'. So I feel like that's potentially a good sign...?

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