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Jun 28, 2012
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In helping a few folks with support problems today, I'm seeing the NEW edit business details interface that was reported as being tested in Canada.

Check a US listing to see if you see it. Here's one. But I've checked several listings and they all seem to have it now.

Here is partial screenshot of the edit details at link above in case you are not seeing new UI yet.
(Sorry for quality. Have not re-installed Snag-it yet so had to try to remember how to use Paint.)

Here is the original thread about the test in Canada by Colan.

Here is TONS of info with all the nitty gritty about how it works from our Map Maker experts
Flash and Andrew.

I just got confirmation from Google.

Confirmed that you should see the new UI in the following countries:
AT - Austria
AU - Australia
BE - Belgium
CA - Canada
CH - Switzerland
DK - Denmark
FR - France
IN - India
MX - Mexico
NL - Netherlands
NO - Norway
PL - Poland
UA - Ukraine
US - United States
Thanks for pointing this out, Linda. I'm looking forward to checking it out.
I checked multiple accounts (all US based accounts), and all are showing up with the new interface. I noticed something different about this new interface that I'm not sure I like. When you go into "report a problem" (or click manage this page from the main screen) and select "manage this page," even verified pages take you to the "edit page" screen.


Hopefully the attachment worked. Anyway, this is a verified page (my company's page, which I personally did), yet it's still showing up with this edit screen. Previously a message would have appeared that this page is already managed by another user or kicked me to the dashboard. What's up with that? Does anyone else see that on their end?


1st off I've been meaning to do a post about why you should not try to log into accounts by going to manage this page.

But secondly TYPICALLY I use manage this page on listings I'm doing support on to check to see if the page is claimed. NORMALLY if you get the page you are showing that means the listing has become unverified. (It's inconsistent but USUALLY works.)

I just checked some listings that are verified and they don't go to that screen. They show to me as verified listings do.

Can you check locations screen and be sure not suspended or anything?
Then click link to view in dash and be sure it goes to the listing?

Having said all that, things could just be buggy with this change. Last night I think I read comments at Mike's saying some things were funky.

Just got up. Need to check my email to see if Google has given us any more updates or any TCs have reported any problems. Then will go to Mike's and see if anyone is reporting anything like this.
Here is a comment at Mike's from Dan Austin a Map Maker expert about problems he's seeing.

After I announced this new interface in an older thread at Mike's yesterday, Dan said:

@Linda: I?m seeing it, too, but I?m also seeing that the MM and Local databases frequently don?t match up, like categories, websites, and telephone numbers. The data is now effectively siloed in the old database, which means that Support will have to come to the rescue to fix it, which kind of defeats the purpose of this new UI. Couldn?t Google run a sync bot to overwrite the Local data with MM data?

Then here is the NEW thread at Mike's where he later announced the changes.

New Report a Problem Interface to MapMaker Rolled out in the US & France

I commented that I've seen reports of missing categories or cats not showing and also mentioned the issue you are seeing Eric. So hopefully others will be checking so we can see if there is maybe something buggy going on.
Linda, sorry if my post was confusing. I wasn't trying to log into the account, I was just testing whether the pages were verified or not. I used my company's page as the control because I know that one is verified, since I personally did it.

I was using "manage this page" as support because a client who just came on had another SEO company do their local stuff, and used a "master account." I was trying to verify the other company deleted the pages from their dash.
OK gotcha.

To just eliminate the possibility of a prob on your page, could you confirm the Qs I asked above?

Can you check locations screen and be sure not suspended or anything?
Then click link to view in dash and be sure it goes to the listing?

That will help us narrow it down a little. Although even prior to this update like I said that trick to find out if listings were verified was a little hit or miss. It used to work all the time but for past few months I've seen a few times when verified listing with no problems showed the result you are getting.

So if we confirm your page is fine, then it's either the inconsistency of that method that occasionally crops up OR little bit of bugginess due to update. But like I said verified listings I've checked are working as they should.

My pages which I used as the control are fine. They're indexed in Google, not suspended and acting normal. The link in the dash shows the pages as normal as well. That's why this situation was kind of weird for me.
OK great to hear Eric. So I think it may be one of those cases where that verification test just does not work for whatever reason. Like I said for a long time it pretty consistently worked but about 3 - 4 months ago I started seeing an occasional verified listing that showed as yours does. I asked Google and they said that method of detecting verification just occasionally does not work.

But hey, it's all we got for now and it USUALLY is a good indicator. But as with all things G Local it's not ever 100% reliable OR predictable. :p
Oh well, I guess I won't worry too much about it then. It's unfortunate we don't have a more concrete method for testing that. Nothing seems to work 100% of the time with Google... lol

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