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Jan 24, 2020
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I have gone over the hill both in life and in customers who find me using mobile devices above desktop. I would like to drive around to see how I rank in GMB (and organic) in various areas around me.

How would you recommend I do that on my iPhone? Is it good enough to just use an Incognito tab in Chrome? Or do I have to sign out of Chrome and clear my full cache and cookies? Or do I have to use a completely different browser? Thank you.
Can't say I've "gone that far" (driving around) but give Firefox Focus a shot. I use on Android for GP and it seems to work well for anonymous anything. HTH
Try this -

It doesn't work on a mobile, but on a desktop you can set a location you want Google to think you are searching from.

It has an organics and a maps version, you can enter a city, town, street name, postcode, area, etc. to pinpoint the map, ie. set location to NY 10004

Don't know how accurate it is, as it's become impossible to see what others see now due to all the Google personalization, browser history, etc.

Don't overuse it as Google might temporarily block you
I would prefer to use my own phone to search while I am in those areas. I will be there working anyway so doing a quick search isn't much of a problem.

I just want to make sure that I get a clean search as if I was a normal person searching for a plumber for the first time.

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