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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm writing an article on Google Business View for an upcoming dental practice management newsletter.

I'd like know if anyone here- agencies and SMBs- has hired a Google-trusted photographer and what their overall experience was.

It seems that the pricing is up to the photographer now. I recall when Google initially rolled this out, that they dictated the pricing. Now it looks like the photographer sets the price.

I received a number of quotes for my ortho client in NYC... the prices ranged from $200 - $800.
Yes, pricing is like web design, can vary based on scope and what caliber of photographer they think they are. But largely based on how many shots they feel are needed and opinions there could vary as well.

Lots of our pros are trusted photogs so would weigh in more on the pricing.

TONS of info here too Chris: <a href="">#businessview</a>

The bottom one is probably the most comprehensive post I've done on BV.

<a href="">DYNAMIC! Google Business View: Get your Creative Juices AND Your Traffic Flowing!</a>
I just joined, this is my first post here!

I'm a Trusted Photographer in Canada. I've been in the program for a couple years and would be pleased to answer any questions about it.

The price is set by the photographer since they are independent businesses working basically as Google contractors. There is a huge difference in quality between photographers, which is part of the price inequality. Another factor is whether the photographer is a serious businessperson who knows the cost of doing business, or someone who just wants to make a few bucks, happy with minimum wage before expenses. It's a lot like web design in that way.

You can check out my website for the product I offer here:
Google Inside Tours, Edmonton and Alberta

What else would you like to know?

Thanks Jim and welcome! We have quite a few Trusted Photographers that are members here and that take my training, so you are in good company.

Another pricing factor I've heard mentioned is the scope of the project.

Just like web design, one company might low ball you with a 5 page site and say that's all you need. Another is higher end and has all kinds of creative ideas for making your business shine and it's going to take more pages, or in this case shots, to accomplish.

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