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Jul 19, 2019
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I work with a small credit union that has 3 locations. Currently, we have a single Facebook page that lists the headquarters as the address but mentions the other branches in the business description.

I am wondering if there are benefits to creating Facebook Locations for each branch to help with branch-level local or organic SEO. Our headquarters location does quite well in rankings (frankly they are the only credit union in their town), but our other two have more competition and I am wondering if this would help them get more visibility in Google. We do not have the ability to keep all three FB pages unique, so we would generally share FB posts across all three pages as the same content.

Does anyone have experience or thoughts related to this strategy?
@Shelly, I'd recommend creating a FB page for each location. That's for many reasons, including the "barnacle SEO" one you alluded to, and that would-be customers expect to see not only a page for but also reviews of each location.

I don't want to do a cheesy link-drop here, so I'll just mention by name a 2016 post I did on exactly this topic: "Do You Really Need a Facebook Page for Each Location of Your Business?"
@JoyHawkins and @Phil Rozek
Both of these articles were very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond. This gives me enough to at least start the conversation with the client and social media manager regarding possible next steps.

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