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Calendar events in navigation bar, or sidebar, or both?

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Jun 28, 2012
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Currently, the calendar of events is linked from the navigation bar: easy to see there and a single click access but it does take up valuable real estate on the navigation bar.

Other options would be to add a list of coming events to the sidebar, either instead of the navbar link or in addition to.

What would you prefer?

See poll above. Comments here.
@djbaxter I (unintentionally) ignore the top nav 'Calendar' link. In fact I've never noticed it until you pointed it out (banner blindness). It's also easy for me to miss the events on the sidebar, but they're MUCH more accessible. IMO if the events are important to the forum & valuable to users I think it makes sense to include in the sidebar and maybe even be highlighted a bit more.
Thanks, @Dan Foland.

I decided it doesn't hurt to have them both places. The sidebar entry only appears when there is at least one event coming up. And the Calendar link in the navigation bar is always there if anyone wants a "month at a glance" view or is trying to decide when to schedule a webinar.

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