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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi. I changed our client's GMB to SAB. The address is now hidden when pulling up their GMB on desktop, but the address still shows when accessing their GMB on mobile. Here is their GMB link: Redmond Boats - Google Search

How do I hide the address on mobile? Thanks!
@Janell H, I'm seeing the same thing for your client's GMB page. Haven't seen that issue before, so I'm not sure there's anything more you can do. How recently did you hide the address? It's probably a matter of waiting.
That's puzzling. I'm spitballing here, but the two things I'd try next are: (1) remove the "wheelchair-accessible entrance" GMB attribute, and (2) see if you can get the "Olde Towne Marina" containing location removed by sending in a Google Maps "suggest an edit" edit.

Sometimes using certain GMB features prevent you from flicking others on or off.
@Phil Rozek I just attempted to change the 2 things you suggested. Hopefully Google will accept my changes! As of now it is still showing incorrectly on mobile. I reached out to Google via email, but no response yet.

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