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Jun 28, 2012
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I know that Google Maps has a much bigger team than the Google Places/G+ Local side of the house does. But I didn't really know the numbers.

Here's a story that reports the Maps team is comprised of 1,100 full time employees and 6,000 contractors. No wonder when I do a direct map edit it gets done so fast. (Last I tried it, 2 days.)

Sounds like Apple has some catchin' up to do!

Apple Has ~7,000 Fewer People Working On Maps Than Google
Business Insider

In June, we talked to a pair of Googlers involved in its mapping product, and they said that Google has 1,100 full time employees and 6,000 contractors working on its mapping products. Those 7,000 people do all sorts of granular work.

What do these 7,000 people do? Our source says they are "street view drivers, people flying planes, people drawing maps, people correcting listings, and people building new products."

Read more: Apple Has ~7,000 Fewer People Working On Maps Than Google - Business Insider
Yes, and on that note, what a PR nightmare that Apple are going through with their new maps system. I've kept my iPad from updating so I can still use the Google maps. My iPhone is a goner though, until Google release a new app.

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