Jan 7, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to understand some points and find the most adapted method to update store information (phone, store name ...) from a website to Google My Business API.

Here is the flow I would like to put in place.
(Gold ERP CRM or CMS / Google Apps Script) => Google My Business API V4.3

More Details:

The goal for me is to have a single place where I would grab the updated information from many stores. The information will then be entered in one of the following cases:
1- ERP or CRM (Salesforce...),
2- a CMS (Prestatshop, wordpress ...),
3- Googe Apps Script
In the end, they will all be stored in databases.

The multitude of information to enter and the amount of information to update daily on the stores is indeed difficult to manage for more than 100 stores for any company anywhere in the world (germany, us..).

Here are my questions.

If I take most of the solutions on the market, I realize that they are centralized in a Google my Business Centric approach. This means that the information flow must be entered in the tool management interface but does not allow to have a gateway between the centralized management and then an API or a simple CSV export to the tools of the market . (I may be wrong and in this case I want to have solutions that simply propose)

How do you usually manage the information upstream ?

1) You enter the information of the stores directly into a CRM, ERP, CMS .. and then you parse the data to convert them in the Bulk import GMB format or to your local search management tool?
2) You enter the information of the stores directly in a CRM, ERP, CMS .. then you have developed a gateway to the API via a tool type SAAS data integration "to" structure "the data?
3) You enter the store information directly into your local search management tool and then you export this information to your CRM, ERP, CMS?

Feel free to give me your opinions or solutions that you prefer.
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