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Jun 28, 2012
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In just one sentence, what is your best Local Search ranking advice? GO!

I wanted to start a group brainstorming thread with the best short local search pointers.

Share a ONE sentence tip! (But after your sentence can add more details if you like.)

I'll share the 1st 2 (related) pieces of advice - in the next post below.

Then it's YOUR turn!

Inspired by: In just one sentence, what is your best SEO advice? - On Linked in. (1300+ one sentence tips)
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My Best Google Local Ranking Advice - In 2 Sentences...

1. Find out what Google likes and GIVE it to her!
(Note: "Her" means the Google Local algo. Proof it's a she!) :p

What does she like??? Relevance. Popularity. Proximity. Location Trust. Correct & Consistent NAP. Citations. Reviews. Unique Content. Good Earned Links. Mobile Sites. Fast Sites. User interaction. (Click through & stick rates) Activity. (Updated content on website, blog, G+ posts and new social mentions)

2. Find out what Google HATEs and don't do it!

What does she hate??? Spam. Violations. Duplicate Listings. Inconsistent Citations. Keyword Repetition. Fake Locations. Virtual Offices. Slow Sites. Spammy Sites. Bad Backlinks. (To name just a few.)

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Your Best Google Local Ranking Advice - In One Sentence... GO!

Just do one sentence if it's self explanatory. Don't need to explain.
(Examples: Don't spam. Or... Keep your NAP consistent.)

BUT if you want to add more details or expand on your tip like I did, feel free!
(And if not a member here or it's easier - feel free to post answer on my Google+ post instead.)
Good ones Colleen and Matt. Thanks for sharing!
If you have a local business that ranks well in the Local Pack on Google Maps, do everything in your power to avoid moving to a new location and address.
Ease up on having a narrow focus and remember to step back on a regular basis to see the broader picture.

I really wanted to say RUN, but I know she (Google) would chase me down and beat me.
Haha Jeff and Justin...

I wondered when someone would start injecting some humor into this.

But LOL on the RUN comment Justin!
New tip at the Pro Community.

Chad Eisenhart

Relevant content focused on the product or service the client offers.
New tip from the Pro Community

Bryan Heckler

Help Google understand your business.

(I think I may have heard him whisper "Schema" there at the end.) :p
Local SEO is a journey, not a destination. ;) I've learned that it's far from the project that I used to view it as but a process that involves continuous learning and collaboration with business owners and other Local SEO's.

My best Local Search ranking advice would be to ask questions and answer questions (even if you have to do a little bit of research before you answer). Both peices have been a huge part of my Local SEO learning process. The more I learn the more my clients have benefited from that knowledge.

Also, begin by documenting where you start, creating a Local SEO plan that is unique to the clients needs, tracking the tasks required of that plan so that you can look back and determine which tasks had impacts (negative or positive), and sharing that knowledge with other Local SEO's.
Excellent advice Amber. Thanks for sharing it!

It always strikes me what a giving industry we are in. Everyone is so willing to share their tips and knowledge with each other!

So pay it forward by helping others and you'll get a good ROI!
Haha Dino! You must have taken my training. ;) You crack me up! :p
I'd add, be smart about the way you optimize your website. It's not all about citation building.
Watch all of the InsideLocal webinars.

Great point Tony!

I'd add, be smart about the way you optimize your website. It's not all about citation building.

Says Kathy with the full citation in her forum profile. BIG LOL! :D

I can't believe it, since this is the Local Search Forum, but I think that's the 1st time I've ever seen anyone drop a citation here. :)
Quality in everything because everything matters... not just citations, just website, just google profile, or just content.

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