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Sep 11, 2016
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I'm sure you've seen tools such as Free SEO Audit Report Tool - White Label & Embed Options

I'm wondering if anyone has tried anything else that might be more comprehensive.

For instance, SEMrush and Ahrefs both seem to have a more comprehensive audit/reporting. But, I'd like to offer the audit for free to my website visitors (maybe in exchange for contact info).

Is there anything I can integrate on my website which users can use to improve their on-page SEO, themselves?
Re: Best On-Page Audtor?


Frankly, I don't think it is very effective and I may remove it or demote it soon. Not because of any negative assessment of the SEMrush tool on my part, but rather just because I don't think that qualified prospective clients really trust and use these tools, especially when they have to provide their contact info in order to receive the results.
Re: Best On-Page Audtor?

The output for most automated tools are pretty lame. They give you super high level detail, which is good for a spot check but not great for really digging into major issues.

Even if someone runs their site through a tool like this, they may not know what to do with the information. Half the battle is understanding how to apply the information. That's where a consultant's time is most valuable. You're better off auditing a site, then explaining how to fix the issue. From there the client can decide whether to pay for the additional time needed for you to implement the fix or have their internal team handle it.
Thank you for your experiences.

Even though these tools can't replace the problem-solving ability of a consultant, I think cold leads may warm up to the fact that they're in over their heads for DIY SEO.

Although your experience may say otherwise, I've heard Neil Patel rave about his on page SEO checker.

Some of the leads which visit me from Google need some sort of low barrier to entry conversion tool. This isn't the case for referrals or forums or other trusted places, which I assume most of your business comes from.

Ironically, ranking #1 on Google for SEO keywords doesn't engender much trust. An email drip, quick report, and other content can go a long way there.

Considering the Google referral vs Client referral, do you feel there is a difference for this type of tool?

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