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Sep 6, 2019
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Hello, I have a small question.

When I search for my competitor, G shows the knowledge panel with GMB for my competitor as below.


As I can see they have only one GMB Listing.

When I search for my business, it shows Three Different GMB Listings and it prevents G from creating a Knowledge Panel for us.


I am thinking to use only "VavaCars' Center" as the actual GMB Listing and I might change the others' name as "VavaCars' Branch" or a variation. Naming could solve the issue? All of the GMB Listings are managed by one Google Account and they all belong to the different places of the same brand.

Do you have any idea?
If you have multiple locations, Google will show them in a pack if the algorithm cannot discern which one you are looking for.

If you do a search like 'vavacars uskudar', you will see the knowledge panel appear for that one location.
If people search "VavaCars'" I wouldn't worry about the branches themselves showing up. If someone types in VavaCars' and the city name, the right one will show up. So, when someone searches VavaCars' they will either add the city on the end to get the location closest or they'll go through the local results below and find the correct one.

Adding the locations won't help solve this issue and will just be a time waster.

What exactly are you wanting to accomplish?
Hello Joshua, thanks for your answer.

I have written my purpose in the first post.
To perform this, I need to differentiate the listings from each other.
So, if you have any recommendations, I am ready to implement them.

Thank you again.

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