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Mar 29, 2022
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We've had a weird situation on some of our non-agency accounts where the name is not displayed in the dashboard. When you click on it, you can get to the GBP, but all search attempts fail (address, name, phone number, postal code, even the displayed number!). Anyone has run into this situation? Some even have negative numbers (though I suspect it's because they were just created less than half an hour ago)


Has anyone ever run into something like this? Do you think Google is tinkering with the Business Dashboard? Whenever google tinkers with something, we always see weird-ass blockages and bugs. Last March they added a "your business offers X services" widget and that made it impossible to make changes to services for several days...
Just requested a pin postcard and got the error: Update your browser to manage your Business Profile - Google Business Profile Help
Was suspended and I am working on the reinstatement:
Was previously suspended and was a duplicate:

This now makes it 3 business profiles with the issue.

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