May 9, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for research resources that would provide market size data for a digital listing solution that includes GMB verification. We are focused on markets outside the US and Europe so if you can point me to any resource I would appreciate it.

P.S., one way I thought of calculating the market opportunity is to find the percentage of unverified GMB listings in those markets.



May 31, 2019
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I don't have immediate data but I would guess it may be as high as 40% or more.


Sep 20, 2019
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You can run BotSol in the specific market and country you are trying to get this data on. Instead of guessing you can get the real numbers. Part of the data spit back is listings that are claimed vs. not.


Jul 23, 2012
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We can get this data for you in bulk with Places Scout.

For reference we analyzed 2.4 million businesses (in the US) in Nov 2019 and found that 63.7% of them had claimed listings.

Outside the US I'm sure that % is much lower, probably around the 40-50% mark as @gsterling mentioned.
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