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Oct 30, 2015
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Can anyone provide a step-by-step on how to merge two accounts? One account has a bunch of “access needed“ pages the other needs to be merged in to the one with all the "access needed” pages. And then we would delete all the duplicate "access needed" pages Is there an easy way to merge one GMB group of pages into another?
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Hi James,

There was all kinds of weird code after that 1st paragraph and none of it would display so I deleted it because it looked like malware code or something. I'm sure it wasn't. Think maybe you copied a bunch of stuff including buttons from Twitter by accident.
It would help us advise better as well if you list the links to the different listings you are trying to merge.
Good morning. Sorry about that. As you suspected I did cut and paste from a tweet I sent to google my business. My question hopefully is a simple one. We have two GMB accounts for the same customer. One that owns half the locations and the other owns the other half. I merely wanna know the easiest way to combine the two. There are 34 ownership conflicts in one acct. I am having one other transfer those ownership conflicts (the ones they own) to the other and then delete their account that T?fered ownership of the pages. Does this make sense?

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