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Jun 28, 2012
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We've been hearing a lot more about disabled bulk listings in Google My Business Locations. It comes up often at our Local Search Pros G+ Community.

Well at the Pro Community yesterday Brian Barwig shared a post he did about an experience with Google Support that may explain some of the reasons these bulk listings can be disabled.

<a href="">Why Google My Business Listings Become Disabled</a> | IntegrateDigitalMarketing

If you are seeing the Disabled issue, it's because there are conflicts within Google's Policy and Guidelines for that listing. There is a discrepancy in phone numbers, websites or wrong information in the system.

So head over to read Brian's post. Thanks for sharing Brian!

Here is the discussion that was started by Brian at Pro Community that has some good comments.

We also had an older related thread that bubbled back up to the top here yesterday where Brian's post came up and a little discussion ensued, so if you deal with bulk you may want to read this one too:
<a href="">Changes to NAP after Places bulk verification?</a>

What do you think? Have you run into similar issues???
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Had a few more issues with the GMB Bulk account today so got on the phone with another G rep. This rep confirmed what I wrote in the post and expanded a bit more. I'll update the blog later but the gist of it is:

The Business website, Google Plus page and anything in Google Search needs to be exactly the same information. If not, your listing is flagged as spam and needs to be manually reviewed by their team. Once it is reviewed, it can be reinstated if the information is deemed to be correct.

The G rep stated this is a new tactic they are implementing in order to combat the rampant spam/spammers who try to take control of G+ listings. This is welcomed news and shows G is serious about controlling the data and making sure it is absolutely correct.

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