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Jan 18, 2020
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I've worked to create a new GMB listing, and it continues to be suspended. We have 35 locations in this franchise group, so I'm quite familiar with a good listing for this brand. What am I missing? When I created the listing, it became suspended when I requested the postcard. When Google has lifted the suspension (see below), it becomes suspended when I request the postcard.

First suspension, I contacted support and they reinstated it.

Second suspension, I contacted support, and included an image of the exterior, business license, and business permit, and they reinstated it.

Third suspension, I contacted support, included an image of the exterior, business license, and business permit, and they said: The address used in your listing doesn’t match the address of your business. You must list your business at its correct location.

This does not seem accurate. The address on the GMB listing, website, business license, business permit, and exterior image all match. What am I missing?
Try running your address through Smarty Streets to make sure they match with what the post office uses. Single Address Validation - SmartyStreets
Thanks for this input. It looks like we have an accurate address. Do you have other ideas so far?

Address valid.png
Next I would check to see if there is not a duplicate listing using this tool. PlePer Tools - Find duplicate listings in Google My Business
There are 9 that show as duplicates. Same address, but they lack suite numbers. My location has a suite number. Its a shopping center/strip mall type of storefront. There are a number of neighboring locations that came up with a separate suite number. What I continue to send to GMB for reinstatement shows their suite number, as well as the exterior image. What can you recommend now?
It is more about the proximity of map pins in the same business category rather than suite numbers. I'm happy to give you a hand if you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting.

What industry is it in? Can the business be seen easily on Street View?

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