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Jun 14, 2017
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My client has a Map listing as a locksmith. If you use Local Falcon tool you can see that he is 1, 2 or 3 over 16m2.

Yet, when you do a search on mobile, there are only 2 map listings showing and you have to click the local finder then click "Top Rated" to see him.

I'm confused about what is happening.

Anyone got an explanation?

How are you checking the results? How are you spoofing your IP? Are you using the map coordinates or the address of the coordinates to check you rankings?
I'm using the local falcon tool to check results.

I spoof my IP address on desktop and he is there as LF says.

My analysis is:

I think that when I do the search, the sheer amount of Ads is pushing all the listings down and Google is only showing 2 Map Results. His is the third normally. When you click "More businesses" he is missed off completely. But if you search on the Maps itself and show list, he is there at No3.

So the huge number of Ads caused by personalisation is causing some behaviour where No 3 is missed off completely - a bug?

If I am incognito and not Wifi there are less ads and he is there at 3 as he should be.

Maybe this is wrong but I think this is what is happening.

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