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Jul 27, 2012
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Hi Experts, We have a client who wants me to build some citations. When I looked more closely I discovered that he and all the other business premises on their trading estate have the address listed as 'Trading Estate'. There is even a big sign saying this at the entrance.
But Google in her wisdom is listing it as 'Industrial Estate'
Should I build the citations with Trading Estate? Do I need to try to persuade Google to change her incorrect info... And if so, what is the best way?
Many thanks.
Hi Jo, I'm not familiar with the address so it's hard to know if that is something Google would simply normalize or if it's a bigger data issue. Can you share the specific address?
Thanks @Colan Nielsen
If you type in GK Davies Trading Estate - which is what the sign outside the estate says - it brings up this on Google
G K Davies Industrial Estate
Hayes Ln, Lye, Halesowen, Stourbridge DY9 8QX
I have a feeling using either one would be fine. My feelings aren't really relevant though :D

I see businesses using both formats.
Thanks @Colan Nielsen
The client has unilaterally decided to change the GBP address to Industrial :O
All his other citations say Trading, including his listing at Companies House
Can I just change it back?
And then build some more citations with Trading to support it?
If he already changed it and the impact was positive or neutral I would just leave it as is.

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