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May 6, 2013
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Hi we’re looking to track these 3 links on Google Places across 50 different places (e.g. Ash ST. Cellar below is just one place):

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In terms of UTM tracking we were wondering if this setup will be sound:

The UTM will be set up as follows:

Campaign Source = google local
Campaign Medium = name of place e.g. ash_st_cellar

Then what changes will be campaign name for each 3 conversion points:
Campaign Name Website = website
Campaign Name Reservation = book
Campaign Name Menu = menu

This way we can track at place level number of clicks to website, reservations and menus via GA.

I want to roll this setup to over 50 different places, so lots of UTM urls but just want to confirm if this strategy is sound before executing?


Annotation on 2018-0-2.jpg
Great idea to use tracking URLs. I'd recommend the following structure:

Source = gmb or local -- Google has thrown up errors for using 'google' in tracking URLs before... I'm not sure if that's still an issue but it has been in the past.
Medium = organic -- This way you can still pull organic reports in GA, and your GMB traffic won't be excluded.
Name = what you listed above.

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